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Foaming Body Scrub Classic Olive 8 oz by Olivina

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Product Information:

  • Inspired by the natural beauty of the wine country of northern California, OLIVINA NAPA VALLEY is literally and figuratively a green company
  • The foundation ingredients-hand-pressed, anti-oxidant olive and grape seed oils-come from a landscape dotted with olive trees and world-renowned grapevines
  • Olivina’s ingredients are based on a host of botanicals that for centuries have proven beneficial to the skin-extracts from olive oil, grapes and grapeseed.
  • OLIVINA NAPA VALLEY’S pampering body care collection both moisturizes and soothes with lovely Mediterranean scents

Item Description

OLIVINA Foaming Grapeseed Scrub. Super active ingredients from antioxidant grape polyphenals and California olive oil, combined with fine-grains of crushed grape seeds and other natural ingredients, create a gentle cleansing scrub that stimulates and moisturizes rough dehydrated skin. Classic olive scent.

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