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Queen Helene Mint Julep Natural Facial Scrub, 6-Ounce Tube (Pack of 6)

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Product Information:

  • Deep cleans skin and leaves a tingling glow
  • Gentle exfoliating action draws out impurities and unclogs pores
  • Emollients help replenish lost moisture

Item Description

A refreshing natural-fiber facial scrub that deep cleans your skin and leaves a pleasant, tingling glow. The gentle exfoliating action draws out impurities, unclogs pores and removes dead, dry cells from the surface of your skin. Emollients help replenish lost moisture, effectively protecting your skin from the harsh elements. Use once a week, or more often if your skin is oily, for skin that looks fresh and healthy and feels refreshingly soft and smooth. This scrub works great in the shower too.

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